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Facebook to sell TV-style adverts for $2.5 million/day

Facebook are to introduce new TV-style adverts to users’ Newsfeeds, with spots being sold to companies for up to $2.5 million (£1.64 million) per day.

With the centralisation of its Newsfeed and over 1.15 billion users, 61% of whom log into the site every day, Facebook would appear to be the perfect place for advertisers to target their mass audiences.

According to insiders, Facebook are set to start offering 15-second spots to advertisers by the end of the year. The commercials will firstly be sold on a full-day basis, and can only be targeted to users based on their gender and their age.

The sources, obtained by Bloomberg, say that users who initially belong to the USA will see the 15-second adverts no more than 3 times in any given day, presumably with similar schemes being introduced in the UK at a later date.

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