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Google flies in with new Hummingbird search algorithm

Google celebrated its 15th anniversary in September with the release of an upgrade to the way it elucidates users’ searches (otherwise known as a search algorithm).

Code named Hummingbird due to its ‘fast and precise’ nature, the upgrade is Google’s first major overhaul in three years, and already affects around 90% of Google searches worldwide. Google is now able to deal better with the vague questions users across the world ask it every day, making results far more useful and relevant, particularly when the questions it’s asked are more complex.

Upgrading its search algorithm allows Google to work better with users who tend to take a more conversational approach to their search, whereas the old system Caffeine was suited to the use of programming language. Google Hummingbird now pays attention to every word that is used in the search, as well as their relation to each other, rather than focusing only on key words.

The algorithm can answer users’ specific questions, filter the answers, and give comparison data at a glance.

The update also fits in well with Google users’ ability to use the search engine via a voice request on their smart phone or tablet, and enables Google to evolve alongside improvements in other areas of technology.

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