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Handheld devices are changing the way SEO and rankings are recorded

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a great way to ensure your website is easily found by searchers, and it will also help to improve your website’s ranking on Google. Currently, Google will rank your website and record your rankings whether a user is searching on a tablet, mobile or computer; ultimately redirecting people to the most convenient form of your site for the product they are searching for.

But this is about to change. For the past couple of years, Google have been advising web developers to prepare for the mobile boom and the use of mobile sites in particular. Google will be filtering results differently moving forwards, which could have a detrimental impact on your website if you haven’t got a supporting mobile site.


The majority of people today have smart phones and tablets, that they use on a daily basis to search the Internet. Ensuring your website is supported with a mobile site creates much easier access for your users, and in turn will improve your Google rankings.


If you haven’t got a mobile site, now is the time to set one up. Google abide to strict guidelines that will qualify your site for mobile friendly use. To help out, Google have created a set of user guides to help you develop a site that is going to work on a range of handheld devices.

Things that should be taken into consideration when developing your site to create a mobile friendly version include fonts that do not have to be enlarged when viewed on a mobile device, links that are evenly spaced to allow easy selection, and all content should fit the screen to its correct size.

Our research has found that users get frustrated if a site isn’t mobile-friendly. To aid searchers, Google have added a text label under the URL that will read ‘mobile friendly’ to clearly highlight that the site is easily accessible to users on mobile devices.

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