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Jenolite – both old and new!?

We’ve been working with an old and established brand over the last few months – a company called Jenolite.
It’s been an interesting project and one we’ve really enjoyed, as it’s rare that you get to work with such a historic company that has been around for 75 years.

Jenolite are Europe’s oldest rust removal brand and the product was originally launched in 1939. Some of the images on their history page take you back to a different era where even the swinging sixties, landing on the moon and Tim Berners-Lee’s creation (inventor of the web) would be decades away.

One of the challenges we faced with the Jenolite site was keeping a traditional feel, whilst using modern techniques. The client also wanted an image led approach, using the strong visuals that the company had. 150g liquid

We feel we have achieved that using the large, bold, header graphics and the responsive side of the website gives visitors on all devices a good user experience. If you would like to view the website, you can visit




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