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The Top 5 Web Design Tools

The pioneers of website design relied upon simple applications such as notepad when it came to coding and formatting their websites.  While simple applications are useful for making minor revisions or formatting simple websites, a large and complex website will require a much higher level web design tool to accomplish the goals of formatting your website, laying it out, creating a theme and ensuring your website is easy to navigate for your visitors.  Below are the top 5 web design tools that you can use for creating amazing websites with ease.

  1. Fireworks – Adobe Fireworks is a unique program in that it combines the functionality and usefulness of a powerful graphics editing program with the functionality and usefulness of a powerful coding and syntax program.  It is a commercial raster and vector graphics program which gives you hundreds of different tools and options for creating great looking websites and designs.
  2. Dreamweaver – Adobe Dreamweaver is one of the most popular commercial web design tools.  Its popularity stems from the powerful functions and tools included within the program such as the smart code hinting, the built-in FTP client, and a powerful project management feature that makes teamwork extremely easy.
  3. Panic Coda – This is a shareware program that was developed exclusively for the Mac OSX operating system.  Unlike programs such as Dreamweaver, Panic Coda relies upon simplicity and ease-of-use when it comes to creating websites.
  4. Photoshop – Perhaps one of the most popular and most-used graphic design programs, Adobe Photoshop is very popular for a number of reasons.  The hundreds of tools and features such as filters, brushes, actions, scripting, layout, raster actions and more make this one of the most popular graphic design programs on the market.
  5. Firebug – Being the only freeware program on the list, Firebug’s popularity stems from the free cost to download and the number of complex features such as HTML and CSS editing, a console for logging, a debugging console, as well as an intuitive Document Object Model which helps you see how each element on your website influences the other elements.

The top 5 web design tools listed above are all great options when it comes to creating websites that will capture your visitors’ attention, promote lead generation, and sell more products and services.  Always remember to research the exact features and tools you need before purchasing any web design tool or graphics editing program.

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