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html5 web design in 2014

Web design in 2014 – What will the big things be?

Web development is constantly changing, with updates and new methods of going about web development happening each year.  2014 is promising to be a major year when it comes to web development, especially when you take into consideration the fact that HTML 5 will officially become the standard for websites in 2014.  The HTML language has not been updated since 1999, when HTML 4.0.1 was released and made official.  Other changes in 2014 for web development include the constant need to change and update content, keep search engine rankings high, and incorporate elements into your websites to engage and interact with your visitors.


Undoubtedly the biggest change for web development in 2014 will be the release and implementation of HTML 5.  HTML (hypertext markup language) is the language web developer’s use when developing their websites.  While HTML is always evolving and changing, the World Wide Web Consortium has officially stated that HTML 5 will be fully completed in 2014.  The changes have been in development for numerous years, and almost all websites already implement some aspects of HTML 5 into their design.

HTML is not organized or governed by an official body, meaning updates and progress happen only at the pace that browsers and websites are capable of producing them.  HTML 5 was originally slated to be released in 2022, a whole eight years behind the new expected release date.  New features in HTML 5 that are expected to be widely used by web developers include the canvas, video and audio tags.  Additional elements include the use of headers, article tags and the aside, which will give greater meaning and emphasis to certain portions of the websites that are created.

Other Important Changes

Other changes are expected to take place in 2014 in addition to the implementation of HTML 5.  Web developers will have to remain vigilant of the use of keywords when it comes to ranking their websites.  While search engine optimization is constantly changing, there is no official governing body related to the standards of SEO.  Web developers will need to be aware of new changes that may affect how their websites rank in the various search engines in order to remain competitive.  Blogging, videos, webinars and other content will remain crucial when it comes to engaging customers, gaining more leads for your business, and improving the overall quality of your website in general.

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