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What is Leadfeeder and how can it help your business?

Leadfeeder is an online business application which allows you to identify who is visiting your company’s website so that you can target potential customers in order to close more sales.

With a mere 2% of site visitors leaving contact details, Leadfeeder reveals the companies visiting and provides you with their information too.

Not only can you see who is looking at your site, but you can also see what pages they visit, meaning you can effectively market to individual companies.

The app connects to your website’s Google Analytics data to “show real companies visiting your website” meaning no website installations are required. It works by identifying when your website has been visited via a business internet connection, therefore this app is only really beneficial to B2B companies. Furthermore the app automatically shares the marketing data which has been collected with your sales team using your CRM, allowing them to have access to the information and make use of it quickly.

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Leadfeeder offers a range of monthly pricing options depending on the number of unique companies you want to look at. The price starts at $59 a month for 200 companies, up to $299 a month which provides you with 3000.


  • It can be connected to your LinkedIn account, making it easier to approach a potential client.
  • Your most important sales leads automatically go to the top of your list so that you know who to prioritize.
  • Leadfeeder can send you email notifications when a targeted company visits your site, allowing you to follow up as soon as possible.
  • If connected to your CRM, it will automatically send new visits to your sales people.
  • See a company’s full browser history to understand their interests.
  • Filter your leads using multiple criteria including location and browsing behaviour.
  • Create your own Custom Feeds for your leads.

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