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Why use Bing Ads?

Bing Ads is Microsoft’s PPC (pay-per-click) advertising platform, and provides advertising on both Microsoft and  Yahoo! search engines. The service is similar to Google Adwords (see here).

So why use Bing Ads?

1) With one single Bing Ad buy, you can reach up to 162 MILLION unique searchers using Microsoft and Yahoo! sites (including partner sites). These sites account for over 6 BILLION searches a month, and so your advert could be seen by billions of people.

2) Google Adwords has a title character limit of 25, whereas Bing Ads enables users to use up to 40 characters.

3) The service is ever-growing: in July 2012, Bing Ads experienced a 12% increase in advertising revenue, and from June 2011-2012, Bing Ads stole 5% of Google Adwords’ search share.

4) You can import your Google Adwords campaigns straight into your Bing Ads account, or you can start again from scratch.

5) Microsoft Bing serves 30% of all search engine searches.

6) You only pay when your ads are clicked, and only up to the budget amount you have set.

Find out more about Bing Ads here.


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